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Website design company in Cambodia
Widely regarded as a website design company in Cambodia that really understands what it takes to produce a website that gets results.
Everyone has a website these days, but not everyone has a professionally designed website. A website that increases brand awareness, is well ranked in Google search, and above all gets visitors to convert.
When it comes to website design and development, Digital Rain are experts in understanding the Cambodian market and building websites in both Khmer and English languages.
Digital Rain has been building websites since 2008. We build websites for international organisations, and have a particular skill in helping businesses move into the Cambodian market and utilising the web and Social Media to gain competitive advantage.

What differs in Professional Website Design ?

Professional Website Design and Website Development supports the goals of your business. This is both portraying your brand, and giving your visitors what they need. Good web design isn’t only about looking pretty. It’s about achieving goals. Clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button. Booking a room or service. Contacting you.
Since Google now ranks websites only on their mobile content, your website design has to look good on a smartphone too. Your SEO and structure needs to be searchable, load fast, and display beautifully.
We don’t create cheap websites. We build business solutions. From corporate portfolio, to online store, and everything between.

Our Website Development includes:

  • The very best design
  • A great user experience
  • A structure that supports SEO ( search engine optimization )
  • Responsive web design that looks great on mobiles and smartphones
  • Security built in
  • Great performance and page load speed

Our extended web services:

  • Website Hosting
  • SEO and SEM services
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Website Maintenance and Care plans
  • Digital Marketing
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