Cambodia: Addressing the skills gap in technology and ICT


Digital Rain in partnership with Britcham, published our full research report on The Technology Skills Gap in Cambodia. The research looks at some of the key drivers and contributing factors in looking at the needs of the Digital and IT sector for both local and international markets. The research has gained significant support from both local and international businesses operating in the region, along with contributions from students from a broad range of educational studies in technology.

The report contains details of skills gaps in the sector, the value placed on individual factors, and how both students and businesses are attempting to bridge the gap both now and as the sector matures.

Digital Rain Cambodia
Research paper - Cambodian IT industry: skills for a digital economy


The Cambodian IT industry: Skills for a digital economy

The document provides an overview of the research, its objectives, approach and conclusions. Recommendations are summarised along with recommendations for future research.  The report draws conclusions on how skills are valued, their relevance to both students and employers and informs on the potential for future development now, and in the next 3-5 years.

Our findings provide valuable insight, not only to those in the Technology, IT and Education sectors, but to any businesses that increasingly relies on IT staff to perform key functions. It highlights values and attitudes of staff and graduates in Cambodia, and draws comparisons with international experiences and stereotypes within the industry. In addition, the report examines some of the major factors influencing the growth of technology industry in Cambodia, recruitment and training practices within the sector, as well as behavior, attitudes and skills of existing staff and new recruits.  We draw conclusions and make recommendations for how the skills gap could be bridged to meet the needs of growing IT sector and technology industry in Cambodia.