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Martech and the Digital Marketing Agency

The best digital marketing agency is not going to be the best without some really good web and social marketing tools. As an internet marketing solutions provider we’re gaining more clients to help them measure and determine the ROI of their online marketing strategies and projects. In order to do this we are offering some really good tools. What’s now being called ‘Martech’ or marketing technology.

What once was in the realm of the IT team, are now the essential tools of the Digital Marketing team. Marketing meets technology head on. There are ever more terms and technology to get your head around and almost every day new brands appear touting the best solution to digital marketing. Take a look at the Marketing Technology Landscape for a summary.

Web Marketing Agencies and Consultancies

So what was simply Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, has become far more. As a result, we are being chosen to help pick tools and dashboards to get a more detailed view of Social Media Channels, Ads and key performance indicators. Of course, this can be overwhelming in terms of making the right choice for clients, and investments are generally fairly large. These services give such valuable data and allow for informed decisions, their services generally come at a premium, making choosing the wrong platform and/or service a costly mistake.

Digital Marketing becomes Digital Transformation

So IT moves out of the ownership of the technology crowd, and in to the hands of Digital Marketing. However, it doesn’t stop there. As well as marketing becoming more technology focussed, so too are customer support and sales. The digital transformation moves across the organisation and every customer touch point needs to be measured to ensure its effective and meets customer expectations. Not only are social media part of the sales and marketing strategy, they are now used for customer support and evangelising your product once in the hands of your customer. Even operations are being integrated, take for example the opportunity to see your pizza order being prepared and going into the oven. Why not have the oven connected to the internet of things and have it tweet you.

Potentially this is overwhelming in terms of choice, especially to smaller businesses, but the best digital agencies will supply solutions at every level and for most budgets. All of this can be integrated into SEO and online strategy and any social media campaigns you run. Our solutions play nicely with so many online services and even the humble spreadsheet can be integrated.

Why not talk to our digital marketing agency about integrating your Social Media, Ad Campaigns, Business Metrics and potentially more into a flexible real time reporting dashboard.

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