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Job Location:Phnom Penh
Job Name: Operations and Communications Intern (Part Time)



We are seeking top talent who has a passion for winning and making a difference.  The Operations and Communications Intern position at Digital Rain provides the opportunity to work with our customers and build upon your business acumen skills.
With a growing technology and people focused business, we are constantly finding effective ways to communicate with our clients and their teams and provide them with the insights and information they need to improve the operation of their business.
  In this role, we will be challenging our way of thinking to drive new, creative solutions, both for our own team and for our clients.  We will be growing our own team by successfully showing clients how to build their online presence and drive conversions.


  • Manage the day-to-day operation of the new Digital Rain office. Create tools and processes to best utilise everyone’s individual skills.
  • Development of communication strategy to target internal and external clients. Recommend and implement online communication and collaboration tools.
  • Manage and provide creative input to Social Media campaigns both internally and for clients.
  • Create website and blog content promoting the business.
  • Ongoing daily/weekly updates to the team and CEO on internal and external activities.
  • Produce and deliver invoices to clients and ensure prompt payment
  • Serve as point of contact for external inquiries, content questions or issues


Our interns possess strong critical thinking and communication skills. In addition, organisation, clear and concise communication, enthusiasm, attention to detail and creativity are keys to success in this role. A passion for creating new ways of communicating and collaborating is essential.
The qualified successful candidate will possess the following:
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications including Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  • Knowledge of WordPress and Photoshop are an advantage, though not essential
  • Reliable transportation to get to and from work as well as attend the occasional external meeting
  • Communications-related experience with a focus on social media and print media
  • An excellent understanding of written and verbal English
  • Enthusiasm and a desire to learn in a fast-paced environment

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