project management training phnom penh


When I was told that there just isn’t any Project management training in Phnom Penh, I wasn’t entirely sure it was true. Surely most organisations run projects, so they would need project managers to run them. As I discovered in some of my networking meetings this isn’t always the case. When I took a look at some of the recruitment sites in Phnom Penh, there were very few ads for businesses looking for project skills. I’ve come to the conclusion that Digital Rain are the only project management trainers in Cambodia. (Unless someone tells me otherwise). This must mean that there is no need, or no understanding of the value of good project management or the training in it.


The most common consequences of poor project management are overruns in terms of cost, time and the lack of quality in the final results. This crosses sectors in terms of construction, administration and of course software development where Digital Rain has its’ core skills. A failure to plan is a plan to fail as the saying goes. This quote being as true today with modern technology, as it was generations ago. Collaboration and communication tools have all helped improve some issues, but where people and technology overlap, there’s always room for improvement. Investing the effort in planning and communication up front, always has a benefit down the line.


Digital Rain teaches the Prince2 project management methodology from its new home in Phnom Penh. We can also teach how to integrate the Prince2 framework with Agile software development to get the best of both worlds. The courses take a generic view of best practice as well as being able to tailor the lessons to fit particular customers and create a custom course for your team. Courses run from a short overview, to a six session course with practical exercises.

Why not talk to Digital Rain about how we can save you time and money. Try adopting a new approach to managing your internal and customer projects.