SEO Consultant Cambodia

SEO Consultant Cambodia

Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, getting to the top of Google, whatever you want call it, is now an $80Bn a year business sector globally. Whats more search engine optimization has turned into very niche divisions within the digital marketing sector.

SEO in detail

If getting to the top of Google is the goal. The first thing we need to look at is how realistic that is as a goal. Because if you’re only thinking of that now, we can pretty much guarantee someone in your sector has already invested in search engine marketing and SEO services and is already above you in the rankings. Those in the hospitality or recruitment sector are going to find themselves with serious competition here.You’re going to quickly realise that being at the top of Google is now not the actual goal and that something more realistic, such as a 20% increase in sales, or 10% more enquiries per week is a more realistic goal from an seo company.

About SEO in Cambodia

Page optimization and SEO strategies in general are really new here in Cambodia. Competition for generic keywords remains quite low overall and there’s a real opportunity to get onto the first page of Google results for niche websites. Real Estate, Hospitality and Careers websites are as competitive here as they are anywhere else. Making a search request for a niche subject generally gives less than a million results so lots of opportunity in this space.
If you approach a digital marketing agency however, results vary widely. There are many who say they can do SEO (search for SEO Consultant Cambodia) well, but in fact few have experience in this area and only a handful of people have SEO skills most are based in Phnom Penh with a few in the other major cities. Our Founder is the only person teaching SEO in the country, as far as we know. Link building and in depth analysis skills are ever rarer. Google is the real target for work as we know, but knowledge of other search engines is rare.

Interestingly all of the SEO work concentrates on the English language, there’s almost nothing in Khmer, those wanting to gain Khmer visitors have a great opportunity. Though this in itself has its own problems and we know of clients whose Google Ads have not been approved because Khmer has shown up as an ‘unapproved’ language.

SEO Consultant Cambodia

Online Marketing as a holistic approach

So we’ve looked at goals, language, your competitors and what they are doing and you now have a better understanding of some more realistic SEO goals, and that typing ‘SEO in Cambodia’ is going to get you very different results from ‘ seo Cambodia ‘ written in Khmer and that actually many may find your search results but not be able to read the details. So this is where we’re not like other SEO companies and we’ll help you consider other methods of improving your conversions, and reaching your goals through additional methods. For example:

  • Pay per click, or Google Ads
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Since improving your SEO and your Google rankings is a long game, generally taking between 3 and 9 months. Something like Google Ads will give instant results, though there’s a cost to that, sometimes significant. Really it depends on how successful you have already been in these areas. If you have a large social media following, how can you turn those followers into customers or repeat customers. If you have a mailing list, how can we help you to improve content and conversion. Often clients are overwhelmed by Google Ads, and it can be tough to understand all of the variables available to you that may, or may not, be getting you results. Expensive results can be made here.

Our approach to SEO in Cambodia or any other city for that matter.So having read the summary above, how do approach solving this sometimes complex problem ? As experienced SEO consultants, our approach is to:

– Complete an SEO audit, looking at your website, the sector you operate in, the competitiveness of the market, what your competitors are doing and your website data, through Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and any other reporting and tracking tools you may have. We’ll then look at how realistic it will be to achieve your goals and you may consider changing your goals as a consequence of better understanding of where your weaknesses and opportunities lie.

– We’ll then create you an improvement project, with a plan to address all the areas we identified in the audit. There’s generally some additional web development, perhaps some public relations work, but any good web design agency or marketing agency should be taking an overall view of your company and not immediately saying that SEO improvement on its own will solve the problem.

– Then we’ll implement the plan. Generally the work is front loaded, there are usually some quick wins, but as mentioned earlier projects typically run from 3-9 months. Large sites, particularly e-commerce with many products, may take longer.

– For some clients we just do everything on their behalf, for others they want to be more involved in the process. The choice is yours.

So that’s brief overview of SEO in Cambodia, or any other location in the world.Like what you read, then contact us for more details of how to improve your search rankings, but more importantly reach your business goals.

SEO Consultant Cambodia

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