Shopify and Payment Gateways in Cambodia

Shopify and getting funds to Cambodia

We’ve had a number of calls recently from prospective clients who have invested considerable effort into building a Shopify store. They just need us to help with the final part, connecting their Shopify store to a payment gateway in Cambodia. This is when we generally upset them, because sadly this isn’t going to work.
All the effort in designing the e-commerce store, uploading products and everything else has been wasted.
The issue is that currently there are NO payment gateways to get funds from the Shopify platform to a bank in Cambodia.

Payment Gateways for other platforms

There are options for payment gateways in Cambodia if you are using a different platforms, (WordPress etc) these are:

  • ABA Bank PayWay
  • Acleda Bank
  • Cathay United Bank
  • So far we’ve only had experience of the ABA system. There’s a WordPress plugin (that needs modification) but ABA only provide this to registered businesses in Cambodia. No luck for freelancers or those without registration. The process for signup is slow and there’s still fees of approx 3.6%.
    We’ve not had experience of the other two first hand, but we’re reliably informed that the fees are even higher than ABA.

    What about PayPal

    Gosh, if we had a dollar for every-time we’d been asked about this one, we’d be millionaires. PayPal do not allow you to link your account to a Cambodian bank account.
    Similarly for Stripe, they may work in 137 different currencies, but they won’t link an account to a Cambodian bank.

    So what’s the solution?

    Currently the only solution is to have your Shopify store linked to a bank outside Cambodia. However even if you set this up, there are still transaction fees to pay (lower than Cambodia) but it’s the cost of the international transfers to get your funds back to Cambodia that are potentially prohibitive.

    Talk to us about your e-commerce store and payment

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