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Creating an IT Strategy for NGO’s


For most NGO’s having an ‘IT Guy or Girl’ as a go-to resource is just awesome. Fixing your computer, sorting out those virus problems and getting you onto that wireless network is just great.

Where things get tough, is when you need an IT strategy. When you need supporting information on your funding proposals. How much does an iPhone app cost to develop they will ask?


How about integrating your website into your IT systems. Taking donations online, finding free and low-cost solutions to use technology to strengthen and support your work.

What about when your IT person goes on holiday, what happens if they resign and you need to recruit someone to replace them ?

IT Strategy for NGO's

How we Help

We support NGO’s in achieving their goals through technology by:

  • Understanding their mission and building an IT Strategy to support them.
  • Using our experience to build robust funding proposals.
  • Being a backup for your IT person or small team.
  • Responding to escalations and emergencies.
  • Helping you find and recruit IT staff.
  • Using our 25 years of experience to make your IT problems a thing of the past.

How we Work

  • We offer a low-cost audit of your IT systems and give you an easily understandable report on strengths and weaknesses.
  • We can review and provide input to your funding applications where technology is used.
  • We can help you find short and long term technology partners.
  • We can Project Manage your technology projects on your behalf.
  • We can help you find and interview IT staff for your organisation.
  • Our fees are based on organisational size giving you the best value.
IT Strategy for NGO's
NGO Donation Gateway

Donation Gateways

Why are donation gateways so complex and still don’t give you everything you need? 

If you’ve found problems with your donation system and just can’t get it 100% the way you want it, then we’ve probably had the same issue and solved it. 

We help non-profits with the following areas: 

  • Using multiple currencies in multiple countries
  • Integrating mainstream and obscure donation gateways including Stripe, PayPal, WorldPay, E-Way and more
  • Getting better conversion rates
  • Designing and redesigning donation forms
  • Creating automated receipts that comply with local tax laws
  • Getting donation gateways on mobile devices for use at events
Donor Management Software

Donor Mangement Software

Sooner or later, the cast of a thousand spreadsheets isn’t going to perform as well as a true donor management system. Donor management software shouldn’t be confused with a CRM system either. They too don’t cater to the relationship a non-profit has with its donors. 
Not all donor management systems are made alike. Whilst there’s a solution for every budget, the crucial questions are:
  • How do I migrate our existing data?
  • How steep is the learning curve?
  • What’s the cost of the system/software in the long term?
Often the free and low-cost options aren’t the cheapest in the long run. 
The time spent on evaluating a new system for managing donors is time well spent. We help NGO’s and non-profits make the right choice based on needs and long-term value. We don’t tell clients the first solution that will beat a spreadsheet is the best choice.
We help clients with : 
  • Selecting a donor management system
  • Updating their existing system or migrating them to a new one
  • Understanding the pro’s and con’s of Salesforce for Non-Profits
  • Integrating their donor management system to their website and finance system
  • Linking donor management to marketing campaigns and events

Yes, I want technology to help us