WordPress Developer Phnom Penh – Website and Mobile Developer

Wordpress and Web Developer Phnom Penh

Theme Deployment

Deployment and updates to WordPress Themes. Customisation and creation and use of Child Themes to make subsequent updates smooth and easy.

Wordpress Developer Phnom Penh

Plugin Install and Debug

We manage the often difficult choice of selecting a plugin to achieve your needs. We also help debug WordPress version, Theme and Plugin incompatibilities.

Wordpress Developer Web and Mobile

Backend Integration

For customised sites we can integrate your backend data and functionality from your existing (non-Wordpress) website into your new pages.

Wordpress and SEO Developer Phnom Penh

SEO, and Content Optimisation

We can optimise your content and pages for search, maintaining the latest industry standards and recommended formatting for Google, Bing and others.

WordPress and Web Developer

As a WordPress and Web developer I create web pages for a wide variety of brands, both products and services. We create online magazines, job posting websites, mobile optimised websites and many other exciting projects through the standard and customised WordPress CMS. We have been developing with the WordPress CMS platform since 2007 and through HTML and CSS with Adobe Dreamweaver prior to that.

I can help you with

I can help you create and maintain an attractive and engaging web presence for your projects and customers. I can collaborate with your marketing and design team to implement ongoing changes to the look and feel of your customer facing web sites, or create complete Website from scratch. Our primary focus is web feature development and coding within the WordPress platform, and integration with other system APIs, such as email marketing, ecommerce and referral management. Whilst my emphasis is on actual design and build work, I can also coverĀ  general design Photoshop and Illustrator work. My most common tasks include :

  • theme deployment
  • plugin installation
  • backend integration
  • style and CSS design
  • SEO optimization
  • development of email marketing and landing pages
  • integration with CRM, Social Media and Product tools